what is TOPAS?   
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a non-linear transistor model and extraction software

TOPAS - TransistOr PArameter Scaleable model is a high precision non-linear transistor model for the simulation of any FET-type structure based upon different material systems such as GaAs, InP or even Si. Due to the special kind of equivalent element circuitry small signal circuit elements are optimized without changing the perfect agreement of static simulations compared to measurements.

The implementation of the model into the common used circuit simulation software ADSTM from Agilent EEsof is consistent and easy to use. For low input power a large signal simulation turns into a small signal simulation without any differences. This behaviour is reached, although all intrinsic equivalent circuit elements are driven by the gate-source voltage as well as by the drain-source voltage.

Due to this control functionality TOPAS is valid for all bias points. Thus, for different kinds of applications there is no need for different simulation files.

Model Advantages
  • consistent
  • self heating included
  • noise
  • scaling with
    • number of fingers
    • finger width
  • technology spread
  • Agilent ADSTM design kit
  • Stand-alone extraction
  • PC and Unix plattforms